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[Good morning/noon, Luceti! You know, there's nothing like waking up after a good, long sleep to the sight of a grey dragon sitting, perched next to the side of your bed. It's a pretty normal sight, really! Not weird at all. Not terrifying at all. Totally normal and cool.

Except, you know, not.

When Atsuro spots the Pokémon, he immediately runs the hell over to the other side of his bedroom, trying to get as far away from it as possible. Should he leave his room...?! ...no, what if the thing escapes and then eats Kouki and Hiro or something. Yeah that would suck! But no this is incredibly confusing and terrifying and oh god there's a dragon in his room. You'd think after seeing and taming demons he'd be used to this but NOPE NOPE NOPE.

On the journal goes. He's not even going to try and stay composed right now okay.]
H-hey, does anyone know what the hell this thing is?! I just woke up and found it sitting in my room an--hey! Cut that out!

[Clearly this room is too small to house an Aerodactyl. Which is why Atsuro's shelves and stuff around his bed area is falling all over the place. Anyone around Room #9 on the second floor of the 7th community building could easily hear this all, probably.]
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[So! June 11! It's a very special day for Atsuro. Well, it should be, anyway. He doesn't pay much mind to it. But today marks the eighteenth anniversary of his coming out of his Wi-Fi-lacking nerdlinger womb. Of course, he finds the day no different from yesterday, but the thought of him being eighteen is still kinda weird.

But that matters not. What interests him more are the results of some of his findings after examining Hiro's cell phone and comparing its demon-summoning application to the one on his COMP. Seeing as how demons can't actually be summoned here, he couldn't find much, but the few things he did discover were pretty interesting and got him wondering about some ~things~. So sometime around noon he'll throw up a voice entry asking about said things.]

Yo, Luceti! I've got a question for you all. So lots of people here have creatures other than animals in their home worlds, right? I was wondering if any of you could tell me about them, especially if they can be, er... summoned. If not, that's fine too. I'm just kinda curious. Thanks!

[He'll stick around in his apartment in CH7 for a while to respond to any replies he gets, as well as to chill with his roommates as always. After then though, he'll head on over to the Brigade for its meeting, and then, well...

...Anyone in the plaza may find a poor birthday boy in his usual beanie, along with a not-so-usual blue sundress. ...Yep. He's handing out fliers promoting Haruhi's recent announcements as well, so he may or may not interrupt your character from their activities for a brief moment! ...Most likely not though, since wow why is he wearing a dress.

After then, he'll be in the library for a bit as per usual before heading back home. Feel free to stop him during any of his activities, normal or hideous--]
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[Kouki’s been sick for the past couple of days, and Atsuro’s pretty sure that eating the same thing every day must be boring. Koubro needs better than that though! And seeing as how Atsuro does know how to cook—thanks to him living alone back at home—he figured he may as well try to mix things up by making something himself. …Except even if he does know how to cook, it’s not like he can pull a dish out of thin air. He needs a recipe to (religiously) follow so he doesn’t screw up…! As such, he goes ahead and makes a short voice entry.]

Hey guys! Do any of you happen to know of any good soup recipes? Especially ones that are good for when people are sick. I’d like to find a few, so if any of you could suggest some, that’d be great.

[Not long after making the journal entry, Atsuro can be found walking around the plaza for a bit. He may head on over to the library for a bit first, but then he goes ahead to pick up food and ingredients for Koubro’s food, and just for the apartment in general. After then, he goes to the bakery, and then back home to community building 7. Feel free to bump into him!]
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Woah... What's with all the new people here?

[You know, it sucks enough when you're sleeping like a baby and then suddenly woken up by Metatron knows how many people suddenly popping up in Luceti.

But then when it's to the point where it's actually difficult to walk around? Yeeaaaah... It's rather hard to get around massive crowds of people, so don't mind Atsuro if he accidentally bumps into you on his way to the library. Or even stares at you for a moment because really, who the hell are you people and how did you get here...?!

oh and yeah he may or may not be looking around for friends from home and stuff. dododo]
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[Welp. Haruhi forced put Atsuro on duty of announcing things on behalf of the Brigade, so before he goes out to suffer from internet withdrawal do Atsuro things, he'll go ahead and do that.]

Hey everyone! Atsuro Kihara here. Azusa already announced the Secret Santa the other day, but I also wanted to go ahead and let you guys know about the Christmas party the SOS Brigade's hosting. The party's going to take place over at the Rec Center on the night of Christmas, and it'll be a hot pot and karaoke kind of thing. If you have any questions, you can ask over the journals or even if you see me around the village -- I'll be giving out fliers, anyway. It'll be loads of fun, so I hope you'll all be able to attend!

[And then the feed cuts off. Atsuro sticks around with his journal open for a bit though in case anyone has questions. After then, he'll head on out to hand fliers for the event out. He'll also be looking around the item shop and other places in search for things. Like holiday gifts! And the COMP he's been going to the item shop daily for!

(ooc; Gonna be busy all day with cosplay things, so I probably won't get to tags until much later today. Sorry about that!)]
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Where am I..? -- ...OW!

[Well. This sucks.

And is quite painful too. I mean really, being strung to a tree by your underwear must be incredibly painful. Atsuro's just in luck, since that's exactly the predicament he's in right now! So you may find this loser rolling around in a trash can flailing around in a tree -- I mean.. this poor, confused new feather somewhere around the village, hanging from a tree and flailing around a bit while trying to get down.]

H-hey, can someone help me down...?! [WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON HERE.]

[Aaaand once that awful incident is through with, Atsuro will go ahead and tinker with his new fancy journal thing and throw up an entry! Just a tad too embarrassed to do it over video so.. Here, have some guy-who-is-literally-butthurt's voice.]

So uh.. has anyone else here arrived in really weird ways? [because really that was just awful.]
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